Gehäuse Ø [mm]
Versorgungsspannung [V]
Wellen Ø [mm]
5, 6, 6.35, 8, 9.52, 10
Temp. Bereich [°C]
-20 to +105
US Digital

The EC35 quick assembly optical commutation encoder is designed for high volume, low cost, OEM motion control applications. The EC35 provides A/B/Z incremental outputs and U/V/W outputs for brushless motor commutation. The EC35 mounts to the motor using 2 screws on a 1.28'' or 1.812'' diameter bolt circle. The precision machined encoder disk pushes on when the encoder assembly is put on the motor shaft. This patent pending scheme securely grips the shaft without set screws. A built in, removable spacer tool ensures that the encoder disk is automatically set to the correct gap when the encoder housing is mounted. The encoder can be timed by rotating a ring on the assembly and pressing the ring in with a simple tool to lock everything into place. The EC35 is powered by a single 5V supply and comes with a 15-pin connector that provides differential outputs for A/B/Z and U/V/W. Open-collector U/V/W outputs are available as an option. Single ended output can be obtained by only using the + outputs of each differential pair. The internal 26C31 line drivers can source and sink 20 mA at TTL levels. The recommended differential receiver is the industry standard 26C32. Maximum noise immunity is achieved when the differential receiver is terminated with a 150 ? resistor in series with a .0047 ?F capacitor placed across each differential pair. A low operating temperature (-40C to 60C) version of the EC35 is available for CPR up to 60'000. Please Note: Due to the EC35's push-on hub design, it is recommended for use as a one-time installation.

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