Pewatron and IS-Line are combining their activities through the Swiss Angst+Pfister Group, making them even more powerful partners in the sensor technology and power electronics market.

The Angst+Pfister Group and Christoph Kleye as sole owner and general manager of IS-LINE GmbH have entered into an agreement to sell all shares to the Angst+Pfister Group. Christoph Kleye will continue to lead the company as general manager of IS-LINE.  Pewatron AG has been part of the Angst+Pfister Group for the past nine years and already has a wide range of high-quality products in the sensor...

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Drying and de-oxidation processes at temperatures up to 300°C

Amperometric, zirconia based oxygen sensors have many advantages over amperometric, liquid based electrochemical oxygen sensors. Long operational lifetime & signal stability of the zirconia oxygen sensors are some of the advantages, when the two types of sensors are benchmarked against each other, but also the ability of the zirconia sensor to measure oxygen concentrations in high temperatures up...

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New opportunities opening up in oxygen control applications

Oxygen controlled atmosphere (CA) applications in some cases rely on a long, stable operational lifetime of the oxygen sensing module and in some cases on a sufficiently high signal resolution in a wide range of oxygen concentrations. The FCX-U series of amperometric, zirconia oxygen sensors combines both – stable long lifetimes >> 3 years and high signal resolution < 10-200 ppm are generally...

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Adjustment of the measurement range on-the-fly

Zirconia based potentiometric oxygen sensors are known for their large dynamic range and very high resolution. They are by far the best option for in-line gas sensing of oxygen concentrations in a very wide range of concentrations and for many different applications. The applications range from gas mixing in chemical plants to spot check measurements in food packages. For nitrogen and oxygen...

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Suitable for pneumatic and water applications.

The PBM220 and highly compact PBM230 series are both piezoresistive absolute pressure sensors. Both series are available from 1 to 14 bar as standard – we even offer customised versions up to 25 bar. Thanks to the special gel coating, the sensors are suitable for numerous applications and can be subjected to a wide range of media. For example, the sensor is used in pneumatic applications, where...

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Designed for signal stability and long operational lifetime

The technology of electrochemical cells (ECs) for gas sensing is well established and the ECs form the basis of an entire industry for safe monitoring of oxygen as well as safe monitoring of poisonous gases. However, safe monitoring of oxygen using ECs normally means coping with loss of signal sensitivity by frequent check-ups and replacement of the cells every 12-18 months. The reason why regular...

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Best cost-of-ownership among any oxygen sensing technologies

Pewatron has developed a very versatile and functional family of OEM and customer specific products based on an amperometric zirconia FCX-U oxygen sensor. The FCX-U oxygen sensor comes with measurement ranges from 0…1000 ppm O2, 0…5 %Vol O2, 0…25 %Vol O2 and to 0…95 %Vol O2. Especially the first three types are very interesting for additive manufacturing applications, because all ranges of...

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Highest resolution among any oxygen sensing technologies

Zirconia based potentiometric oxygen sensors are known for their large dynamic range and very high resolution, but is also considered by many a difficult technology to implement for high volume applications. This is because every sensor is so-to-speak handmade, and because very little automation can be done in order to achieve the right properties for the sensors. The sensor, in most cases, also...

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APBL DC motors are cost-effective and can be adapted and optimized according to your needs.

Regardless of whether you operate in mechanical engineering, equipment engineering, medical technology or the agricultural sector: Pewatron brushless DC motors are THE durable alternative to brushed motors at comparable prices. For your customers, this means longer service intervals and fewer machine downtimes. Pewatron accompanies you throughout the entire life cycle of your machine or system....

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When operating the fire triangle, several strategies are taken in order to prevent devices & systems catching fire upon a malfunction. One very popular and legislation driven strategy is to measure the concentration of the flammable gas. Traditionally the concentration of flammable gases are measured using catalytic sensors and/or thermal conductivity sensors. These sensors normally suffer from...

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