Best cost-of-ownership among any oxygen sensing technologies

Pewatron has developed a very versatile and functional family of OEM and customer specific products based on an amperometric zirconia FCX-U oxygen sensor. The FCX-U oxygen sensor comes with measurement ranges from 0…1000 ppm O2, 0…5 %Vol O2, 0…25 %Vol O2 and to 0…95 %Vol O2. Especially the first three types are very interesting for additive manufacturing applications, because all ranges of...

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Highest resolution among any oxygen sensing technologies

Zirconia based potentiometric oxygen sensors are known for their large dynamic range and very high resolution, but is also considered by many a difficult technology to implement for high volume applications. This is because every sensor is so-to-speak handmade, and because very little automation can be done in order to achieve the right properties for the sensors. The sensor, in most cases, also...

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Designed for signal stability, signal resolution and long operational lifetime

The technology of electrochemical cells (ECs) for gas sensing is well established and the ECs form the basis of an entire industry for safe monitoring of oxygen as well as safe monitoring of poisonous gases. However, safe monitoring of oxygen using ECs normally means coping with loss of signal sensitivity by frequent check-ups and replacement of the cells every 12-18 months. The reason why regular...

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Priority on safety and reliable process monitoring in AM applications

A Safety Integration Level (SIL) between 1 and 4 (discrete) is a measure of a safety system performance. The higher the number, the lower the probability of failure on demand and the safer the system so-to-speak. Typically systems in the additive manufacturing application field require SIL1 or SIL2 certification on system level. Individual products, such as sensors, and components can be designed...

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Measurement of the humidity at temperatures > 100°C is important in a large number of industrial applications ranging from drying process chambers to large baking ovens. The high process temperature is critical for the selection of the humidity sensor. Not too many sensors can measure sufficiently correct at these high temperatures. Pewatron has developed the high-accuracy (+/-2 %Vol H2O ) and...

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Development of a new portable humidity and temperature measurement system for the climatic profiling of ovens used in the industrial production of baked goods

The all-new development of the PHTM-3H-7T has made it possible to measure and record the temperature and humidity of baking chambers for the first time – parameters that are so crucially important during the baking process. Operators of industrial baking lines are under immense pressure to achieve consistent quality. Increasingly, they need to be in a position to document and verify process...

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Highest signal resolution among any oxygen sensing technologies

Zirconia based potentiometric oxygen sensors are known for their large dynamic range and very high resolution. They are by far the best option for in-line gas sensing of oxygen concentrations in a very wide range of concentrations and for many different applications. The applications range from gas mixing in chemical plants to spot check measurements in food packages. For nitrogen and oxygen...

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Ideal for small space

The CP-1Hx is a new contactless angle sensor developed for small space constraints, with a body thickness of only 4.4 mm. It is particularly well suited for humanoid robots, personal mobility devices, for measuring the angle of hip joint in exoskeletons,  As a special variant, a touchless version comprising a separate magnet unit is available on request, which can be used for measuring the flap...

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PEI-S103-1-0.6 High precision inclinometer with small range ±0.3°

The PEI-S103-1-0,6 is a new single axis ultra-high precision inclinometer developed for safety control on bridges and buildings.   The surveillance of bridge or building deflections can be performed efficiently with high precision inclinometers connected together with an RS485 bus, allowing to measure the deflections at several points on the object to monitor. The PEI-S103-1-0,6  offers the...

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Single and dual output

The CP-45FB is a high precision and high durability angular sensor, compatible to the well-known CPP-45 series with housing dimension Ø45 mm. The sensor has been designed for a long lifetime of 50 million revolutions. It is well suited for use in various applications and environments, like marine (steering angle control), in construction machines (pivoting angle control), industrial machines...

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