Pewatron and IS-Line are combining their activities through the Swiss Angst+Pfister Group, making them even more powerful partners in the sensor technology and power electronics market.

The Angst+Pfister Group and Christoph Kleye as sole owner and general manager of IS-LINE GmbH have entered into an agreement to sell all shares to the Angst+Pfister Group. Christoph Kleye will continue to lead the company as general manager of IS-LINE.  Pewatron AG has been part of the Angst+Pfister Group for the past nine years and already has a wide range of high-quality products in the sensor...

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Compact calibrated 2000A Current sensing busbar probe

To operate under high overload and high ambient temperature  The Raztec RAZP-2000 sensor is a compact, high current, open loop current sensor, capable of operating under high overload and ambient temperature conditions. It is specifically designed for use in applications where small size is critical and current is to be measured economically. It mounts through a 6.5 or 7.5mm diameter hole in the...

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Constant power mode LED driver with wide range input

In order to function smoothly, LED lights require a preconnected driver to regulate the current flow: it converts the alternating current into constantly low direct current and suitable DC voltage – for even light output and minimal heat generation. Whether you are dealing with production halls or greenhouses, sports fields or ports, car parks or industrial areas: lighting systems in indoor and...

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Intelligent modular power supply for the medical sector

As the population ages, medical care in residential homes, hospitals and at home is constantly improving. This includes an increasing amount of new electronic devices: a market which will continue developing strongly in the future. For this reason, Pewatron is steadily expanding its range of power supply solutions for the medical sector. Throughout this development process, Pewatron always...

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Open-frame power supply for medical applications

Pewatron AG's specialisms include switching power supplies and DC/DC converters with medical approval, low leakage current and maximum reliability. Pewatron works exclusively with suppliers who can guarantee the highest quality standards – for example, with Protek Power for the PM500 power supply.  Increasingly complex electric and electronic devices are being used to diagnose, treat and monitor...

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New high-precision earth leakage current sensor

In this age of complex power supply systems, intelligent networks, sen-sitive devices and a demand for low losses and precise billing, it is ab-solutely essential that even small residual currents are accurately de-tected and measured. Pewatron offers the ideal technologies for this. The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 wants end customers to not only pur-chase electrical power, but also to be able to...

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New power supply units for medical technology

Pewatron AG is launching a new series of AC/DC medical power supply units from the renowned manufacturer P-Duke – with regulated output voltage of 12, 15, 18, 24, 28, 36 or 48 V depending on the type, 2 MOPP insulation and reinforced isolation for the primary circuit (4,000 VAC).  Safety for patients and service staff Medical electrical devices are subject to particularly high technical...

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