Pewatron and IS-Line are combining their activities through the Swiss Angst+Pfister Group, making them even more powerful partners in the sensor technology and power electronics market.

The Angst+Pfister Group and Christoph Kleye as sole owner and general manager of IS-LINE GmbH have entered into an agreement to sell all shares to the Angst+Pfister Group. Christoph Kleye will continue to lead the company as general manager of IS-LINE.  Pewatron AG has been part of the Angst+Pfister Group for the past nine years and already has a wide range of high-quality products in the sensor...

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There are a large number of applications for which most commercial piezo-resistive MEMS pressure sensors are not suitable. Pneumatic applications are a prime example. Pneumatics always involves a small amount of oil, something that most MEMS pressure sensors don't react well to in the long run. It weakens the Wheatstone bridge as well as the bonding points and sooner or later the sensor will fail....

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Almost no offset drift year on year

Piezo-resistive MEMS pressure sensors are known for their effect of exhibiting offset drift over extended periods of time due to technological reasons. To ensure the best performance, the offset therefore needs to be readjusted once fitted and after each application throughout the product life cycle. This isn't an issue for some applications. Under particular operating conditions, the pressure is...

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Vibration resistant with programmable filter

Pewatron would like to introduce the new MEMS-based inclinometer from Midori.The 2-axis inclinometer is available with analogue interfaces (ratiometric 10%–90% Vin, 0.5–4.5 V or 4–20 mA) as well as RS-485 to parameterise the sensor. SAE J1939 & CANopen interfaces coming soon. The range (±10° to ±80°), the damping and the index point can be parameterised. The absolute linearity is ±0.5% FS. As an...

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Robust with a high level of reproducibility

Pewatron would like to introduce the new encoder CE36M developed by its long-term Japanese partner, Midori.The CE36M is based on Midori’s extensive experience with angle sensors for marine technology and automation. The mechanical and electrical design was carefully developed in order to achieve a high level of shock and vibration resistance and to minimise electromagnetic influences. The CE36M is...

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Miniature with highest resolution

Pewatron would like to introduce the new optical incremental encoder from ELTRA. The ER38 is a miniaturised incremental encoder with blind hollow shaft, which is ideally suited for robotics and automation applications thanks to its reduced dimensions and very high resolution. This three-channel encoder (A/B/Z) offers up to 14,440 pulses per revolution, which is the highest resolution on the market...

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Monitoring of gaseous, non-aggressive media with full flexibility in mounting and positioning.

There is growing demand for solutions for energy efficiency and management directly at the end consumer, not only to save energy and thus avoid waste, but also to enable a more cost-efficient use of energy 24 hours a day. Applications such as building automation, air conditioning systems and controlled atmosphere room monitoring require continuous measurement of pressure in order to function...

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Beck´s 901, 903 and 981 family of pressure switches and sensors: Controlling low pressures and liquid levels

Wherever low or medium-high gas pressures or liquid levels have to be measured with high accuracy and fast response time, purely mechanical, membrane-controlled pressure switches are a very sensible choice. Built onto a customer configurable and process adaptable pressure port means that pressure medium level changes can be detected very fast. Thereby valves or pumps can be switched on or off and...

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8 different ranges in one transmitter plus auto-zero calibration

The 985Q from Beck belongs to the 985 family of differential pressure transmitters which also includes the 985M (2/3-wire), the 985A pressure transmitters and new also the 985V volume flow transmitter. The major difference between the 985M and the 985A are the zero calibration properties of the transmitters. While the zero calibration is done manually for the 985M transmitter, the 985A features a...

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High accuracy in energy harvesting design or battery backup

Pewatron is launching two new multiturn encoders designed with high single turn resolution of 23 bits (> 8 million positions) and 16 bits multiturn resolution. These small blind hollow shaft encoders offers excellent performance and durability in a small diameter of max. 38 mm. The 38HA was developed using the newest cutting-edge energy harvesting technology. Thanks to Wiegand technology, the...

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