Measurement of the humidity at temperatures > 100°C is important in a large number of industrial applications ranging from drying process chambers to large baking ovens. The high process temperature is critical for the selection of the humidity sensor. Not too many sensors can measure sufficiently correct at these high temperatures. Pewatron has developed the high-accuracy (+/-2 %Vol H2O ) and...

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Development of a new portable humidity and temperature measurement system for the climatic profiling of ovens used in the industrial production of baked goods

The all-new development of the PHTM-3H-7T has made it possible to measure and record the temperature and humidity of baking chambers for the first time – parameters that are so crucially important during the baking process. Operators of industrial baking lines are under immense pressure to achieve consistent quality. Increasingly, they need to be in a position to document and verify process...

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Ideal for small space

The CP-1Hx is a new contactless angle sensor developed for small space constraints, with a body thickness of only 4.4 mm. It is particularly well suited for humanoid robots, personal mobility devices, for measuring the angle of hip joint in exoskeletons,  As a special variant, a touchless version comprising a separate magnet unit is available on request, which can be used for measuring the flap...

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PEI-S103-1-0.6 High precision inclinometer with small range ±0.3°

The PEI-S103-1-0,6 is a new single axis ultra-high precision inclinometer developed for safety control on bridges and buildings.   The surveillance of bridge or building deflections can be performed efficiently with high precision inclinometers connected together with an RS485 bus, allowing to measure the deflections at several points on the object to monitor. The PEI-S103-1-0,6  offers the...

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Single and dual output

The CP-45FB is a high precision and high durability angular sensor, compatible to the well-known CPP-45 series with housing dimension Ø45 mm. The sensor has been designed for a long lifetime of 50 million revolutions. It is well suited for use in various applications and environments, like marine (steering angle control), in construction machines (pivoting angle control), industrial machines...

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New opportunities opening up in oxygen control applications

Oxygen controlled atmosphere (CA) applications in some cases rely on a long, stable operational lifetime of the oxygen sensing module and in some cases on a sufficiently high signal resolution in a wide range of oxygen concentrations. The ES1-O2 amperometric electrochemical sensor combines both – stable long lifetimes >> 3 years and high signal resolution < 10 ppm over the full range from 0 to 25...

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Battery operated air quality measurement made easy

Battery operated air quality measurement appliances are in the pipeline by many manufacturers of residential and industrial goods for air flow control, but also for new players in the market that focus more on individual preferences for good air-quality in their environment. Examples could be Odor or TVOC management in public domains. The ES1-AG + TB600 combination is a digital and very compact...

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Measurements with focus on health & low human exposure

A gas sensing module for measurement of formaldehyde must be able to deliver reliable measurement in the sub-ppm range of gases. The reason is that even small exposures to formaldehyde can cause irritations and longer time exposure can cause life-threatening diseases to evolve. Formaldehyde is a gas that forms naturally or from almost all human related activities – from burning of fossil fuel to...

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small, attractively priced, for direct integration into products

The new 52A (analogue) and 52D (digital) differential pressure series is very compact (13 mm x 8 mm) and designed for direct integration into products by means of O-ring manifold assembly. Thanks to the simple sensor design with a small number of components, the sensor is very attractively priced. Measurement ranges from 2 mbar up to 7 bar and supply voltages from 2.7 to 5.5 V are available. The...

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ideal for drinking water applications

Pewatron’s new pressure transmitter series is compact and has a very appealing price tag thanks to its simple design, the production process designed for large volumes and standardised components. The microfused silicon technology used in the transmitters is very well suited for applications involving water – even drinking water. The sensor is also used in coffee machines, for example. As the...

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