18SA housed magnetic single-turn miniature encoder

18-bit absolute and also incremental with 10,000 P/R

The 18SA is a robust magnetic encoder in an Ø18 x 15.5 mm housing. It offers an absolute 10 to 18-bit digital output with a 10 MHz sampling rate. At the same time, it has an incremental interface of 10,000 P/R, either SPI4, SPI3, SSI3 or SSI2, and in parallel an incremental interface of 10'000 P/R, which are additionally equipped with UVW signals with 1 to 32 pole pairs for the commutation motors as standard. The Ø 2.5 mm shaft is mounted on two sets of ball-bearings and enables rotation speeds of up to 10,000 rpm. Its small dimensions and multiple interfaces, as well as its high level of precision, give it a wide range of applications, such as use in portable devices, for laboratory and dental technology and in robotics to give position feedback in small drive systems.

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