981 Pressure sensor with standardised 4-20 mA output

controlling low pressures and liquid levels

Wherever low or medium-high gas pressures or liquid levels have to be measured with high accuracy and fast response time, purely mechanical, membrane-controlled pressure sensors are a very sensible choice. Built onto a customer configurable and process adaptable pressure port means that pressure medium level changes can be detected very fast. Thereby valves or pumps can be switched on or off and alarms can be triggered depending on the level. Because the pressure gauge does not come into contact with the medium, this technology is suitable for measuring liquid levels in the food and beverage sector, but also tolerates slurries in industrial overflow basins or wastewater treatment facilities for instance.

The 981 pressure sensor with a normalized output of 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC and a configurable mechanical pressure port is an ideal gas and liquid level pressure sensor. The 981 pressure sensor can interface directly with PLC control units and the pressure can be measured continuously. The 981 can replace a pressure switch offering more value in the monitoring of pressure levels to the customer. The 981 safely works under the same harsh conditions as standard pressure switches. The first version released to the market has a measurement range from 0 to 100 mbar. The pressure port configuration is almost identical to that known from industrial pressure switches. The supply voltage needed for operating the sensor is 24 VDC. For the supply voltage and the normalized output, a M12, 4-pole connector is used. The membrane selection for the media separation ranges from NBR to EPDM and several special membranes. The 981 is therefore very well suited for pressure sensing in aggressive gas and liquids.

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