985Q differential pressure/flow transmitter for air

8 different ranges in one transmitter plus auto-zero calibration

The 985Q from Beck belongs to the 985 family of differential pressure transmitters which also includes the 985M (2/3-wire), the 985A pressure transmitters and new also the 985V volume flow transmitter. The major difference between the 985M and the 985A are the zero calibration properties of the transmitters. While the zero calibration is done manually for the 985M transmitter, the 985A features a built-in zero calibration which is done automatically and in short time intervals. The auto-zero calibration virtually eliminates any zero-drift issues. In the 985V version, volume flow can measured based of the differential pressure principle.

The 985Q offers auto-zero calibration as well, but provides in addition 8 different measurement ranges in one transmitter. The 985M and 985A transmitters are configured with a maximum of 2 fixed measurement ranges, whereas the 985Q has 8 different settings to choose from. The 8 settings range from -100…+100 Pa to 0…2500 Pa making the 985Q transmitter an excellent choice as a general-purpose transmitter for multiple measurement points with different pressure settings. The shape of the output signal can be switched from linear to square root using a jumper in order to measure the volume flow derived from a differential pressure.

The applications that can be served with the 985Q are many and diverse. The transmitter comes standard with an IP65 protection making it very suitable for pressure and flow measurements and switching in harsh environments such as dynamic filter and ventilator monitoring, building automation and air conditioning systems and numerous other industrial applications. The transmitter also comes standard with an adjustable transistor switching output option (npn NO) with a maximum switching capacity of 30 VDC/100 mA.

The 985Q transmitter is powered by an 18…30 VAC/VDC power supply in 3-wire configuration that enables an output of 0…10 VDC or 4…20 mA (selectable by jumpers). The 985Q can be delivered with or without an integrated display (red LEDs) and can work in a temperature range of 0…+50°C and in a humidity range of 0…95 %RH. The two 4/6 mm metal pressure ports allow easy connection of hoses to the transmitter. The transmitter conforms to CE (EN 61326) and RoHS (2011/65/EG) standards.

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