ABS5 from Fujikura: ultra-small waterproof absolute pressure sensor with customer-specific Flex Print

 The new ABS5 from Fujikura is an ultra-small waterproof absolute sensor that was originally developed for diving watches to determine water depth. Thanks to its ultra-small frame and customer-specific Flex Print, the sensor can be integrated into products that offer only a small amount of space for sensor technology. Both the pressure sensor and the customer-specific Flex Print are manufactured in the same factory in Japan. 

Compared to the older FPBS series from Fujikura, the ABS5 is considerably smaller (φ 4.0 mm × 1.85 mm) and features a digital interface that allows pressure values as well as temperature to be selected. The water resistance is achieved by means of a special gel that is capable of withstanding high water pressure (up to 90 m) over a prolonged period and is also not corroded by salt water. When combined with the Flex Print, the product is unique for the market. In addition to diving watches, it can be used wherever media compatibility is called for and space requirements are limited. 

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