MS9000 and VS9000

MS9000 accelerometer family from ±1 g to ±200 g
for tilt, vibration and inertial applications

The MS9000 family has been extended to include a sensor with a bandwidth of ±1 g. The ranges of ±1 g and ±2 g are especially suitable for inclination measurement up to ±60° and ±90° respectively.

The accelerometers are unique as the result of:

  • very deep temperature-related hysteresis
  • high zero-point stability (bias < 0.05 %)
  • utmost reliability, up to 6000 g shock resistance
  • high temperature range -55 °C…+125 °C
  • MIL-STD-833-G certification
  • small ceramic LCC20 housing

The MS9000 family is particularly well suited to civil and military applications in the field of inertial navigation in the aerospace industry as well as in railway technology and platform stabilization. Accelerometers manufactured by COLIBRYS are ideal for AHRS (attitude and heading reference system) applications. 
The MS9000 family has a bandwidth of up to 200 Hz. Where a higher bandwidth is required, for example for measuring vibration, during crash tests or for preventive maintenance, the VS9000 family is ideal for up to 3 kHz.
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