Affordable inclinometer for bridge and building safety control

PEI-S103-1-0.6 High precision inclinometer with small range ±0.3°

The PEI-S103-1-0,6 is a new single axis ultra-high precision inclinometer developed for safety control on bridges and buildings.  

The surveillance of bridge or building deflections can be performed efficiently with high precision inclinometers connected together with an RS485 bus, allowing to measure the deflections at several points on the object to monitor. The PEI-S103-1-0,6  offers the required small range of ±0.3° with a very high sensitivity of 0.0002° (< 4 µradians) and an excellent linearity of 0.005°. 

As the environment is generally disturbed with vibrations, the sensor is equipped with a digital processing filter. The sensor is offered in a robust duralumin case, and is sealed to IP67.

The PEI-S103-1-0,6  is proposed with various outputs: 0-5V analog, RS232 or RS485 buses.

Technical details:

  • Single axis inclinometer with small range ±0,3° 
  • Output 0-5V or RS232 or RS485 bus
  • High precision and stability: Absolute linearity of 0.005°
  • very high sensitivity and resolution < 4µradians
  • Digital signal processing and filtering
  • Output 0-5V or RS232 or RS485 bus
  • Robust duralumin case
  • IP67 sealing

Product details

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