Avoid getting caught in the rain thanks to linear drives from Elero

The linear actuator type ECONOM in stainless steel is suitable for applications in harsh environmental conditions.


Everyone in the mechanical engineering, food and manufacturing industries is familiar with pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, which are robust and durable. Our partner Elero has develops and manufactures electric cylinders since many years which are of superior reliability and robustness. The modular actuators meet customer-specific requirements. Thanks to the electrical control, they show significant advantages compared to conventional cylinders.

They are suitable for the food industry and clean room applications, as there are no hydraulic pipes which might leak.
The actuator maintains its position even when the power supply is switched off.
The limit switches are adjustable.
Any intermediate position can be reached.
Position feedback via potentiometer.
The actuator piston runs at a constant speed.
The drive is energy-efficient and thus saves energy costs.
Customer-specific versions are considered as standard solutions thanks to its modular design.

Our customers use may use electrical actuators for various range of mechanical adjustments: door and gate opening, opening covers, table height adjustment, tilting processes, swivel equipment, adjusting dosing valves, etc. Pewatron proposes support to establish specific application needs and during mechanical and electrical integration. Please feel free to contact us early in the concept phase – we are there for you. 

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