Carbondio gas sensor line

high-resolution NDIR sensor for detection of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has previously been widely used as primary refrigerant due to its non-toxicity and non-flammability. However, the high pressures involved made it easy to abandon this natural liquid over CFC based refrigerants characterized by lower pressure levels. The low GWP footprint of CO2, together with the development of components suitable for high pressures, has in recent years made CO2 based compression cooling systems the obvious choice for medium- and large-based cooling systems. Normally a two-stage system consisting for instance of ammonia (NH3) in the first stage and CO2 in the second and primary stage is employed and the systems work very efficiently.

Because of the large quantity of CO2 refrigerant in a cooling system, the high pressure involved in the operation and the installation site locations (normally small compartments), the need to monitor CO2 are mandatory. Not only to reduce potential large emissions of CO2 from an evolving leak, but also to ensure low occupational exposure limit (OEL) values in the work space area around the system. The carbondio NDIR series are ideally suited for the detection of CO2 concentrations in the range from 500 ppm to 50%. For leakage detection applications, the carbondio ppm sensors are the ideal choice. It is recommended to use gas extraction and analysis via forced flow, because of natural CO2 background concentrations, which makes it difficult to define a proper zero. Pewatron has developed the carbondio gas sensor line with focus on signal stability and high signal resolution. With a constant CO2 atmospheric level close to 400 ppm, both the 500 ppm sensor version and the 1000 ppm sensor version can be used with advantages. The sensors come with standardized interfaces and are easy to integrate into a system.

Pewatron has a broad range of NDIR CO2 sensors in the program, but also CO2 sensors based on thermal conductivity. Within the range of NDIR CO2 sensors, Pewatron offer OEM solutions or easy-to-install-and-operate transmitters, diffusion or flow-based sensors, fast responding and high-resolution sensor. We can solve almost any problem associated with CO2 gas sensing – from idea to finished installation.

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