CO2 concentration measurement with high accuracy and for multi-point measurements - the Carbondio module

The Carbondio-ppm NDIR series is ideally suited for the detection of CO2 concentrations in ranges from 0-500 ppm up to 0-10.000 ppm. The low signal drift ensure long time stability and less need for service, and the sensor module components are carefully selected in order to secure a long operational lifetime of the sensor module. 

The Carbondio-ppm CO2 sensor module is used to measure the air quality in confined spaces by drawing a sample from the space and analyzing the sample by a forced flow measurement in the two-channel optical sensor system. The two channel optical system ensures very high reliability of the measurement and the fast response time of down to 1 second means that many rooms or confined spaces can be analyzed using just one sensor in a centrally placed unit together with a gas sampling system.

The Carbondio-ppm  provides the user with flexibility, a choice of digital control interfaces, together with digital and analogue CO2 measurements. The optical design is very rugged and the performance is very good over a large range of temperatures and humidity levels.

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