Combined angular rate & acceleration sensor: Orion

PEWATRON introduces Orion, Silicon Sensing’s new family of integrated MEMS high performance Inertial Combi-Sensors, featuring class leading shock and vibration immunity at a fraction of the power consumption and significantly lower cost than previous generation sensors.

Orion offers single axis angular rate and dual axis linear acceleration measurement comprising two discrete MEMS sensing devices with a dedicated control ASIC in a small ceramic LCC surface mount package.

Developed specifically to satisfy the high performance safety critical demands of the automotive domain Orion applications include: Electronic Stability Control, Roll Detection, Vehicle Dynamics Measurement and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). 

Enabling safety integrity level ASIL-D (ISO26262) when appropriately installed in a host system and AEC Q100 tested, Orion offers the highest levels of reliability in the most stringent of automotive applications.

With proven and robust MEMS vibrating ring gyro and dual-axis accelerometer technology in a small package size of just 10.4x6.0x2.2 mm Orion features excellent bias over temperature of

1.75°/s, 30mg, unrivalled scale factor performance and a low power consumption of just 8 mA from a 3.3 V supply.

Orion offers two package styles: the CMS300 (flat) and the CMS390 (orthogonal) and is available in a number of user-configurable dynamic ranges and bandwidths. Evaluation boards for both parts are available to order.

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