Compact piezoresistive pressure sensor

Petite yet perfect!

Measuring just 8.5 mm x 11.1 mm, the new pressure sensor in the MIS-2500 series is one of the most compact piezoresistive pressure sensors available.

The MIS-2500 is amplified and compensated thanks to a CMOS IC interface. The IC interface allows the simple and precise calibration of the resistance bridge via EEPROM. Offset, amplification and both temperature coefficients are corrected. The sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated in the factory.

The degree of accuracy is ±2% FS 0 to 85°C. With a supply voltage of 4.75 to 5.25 VDC, a ratiometric output signal of 0.25 to 475 is available. The MIS-2500 comes in different measuring ranges of between 0 and 70 mbar all the way up to and including 10 bar.

The sensors are used in medical and industrial engineering, e.g. in medical measuring devices, the positioning of hospital beds, pump-control systems, and as pressure switches. The attractively priced sensor is also ideally suited for consumer products.

All versions of the new piezoresistive pressure sensors are available from stock and can be ordered directly from our new online shop:

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