Comprehensive solutions for your flow measurement task

Pewatron offers its customers a measurement principle that is optimised for the measuring task, and thus the best performance at a reasonable cost. The measurement task can be set by the customer for gases or liquids, for volume or mass flow, and a flow range of µl/min up to well over 100 SLPM. 

The measurement principles used are differential pressure, calorimetry or ultrasound.

To develop the system solution, we can either use exclusively standard sensors or create a custom solution; the choice is made in consultation with the customer, whereby the technical and commercial system requirements are of course paramount. A custom solution can even be protected for the customer, meaning Pewatron does not offer the developed solution to other customers.

We can design reliable solutions with extremely high dynamic ranges and accuracies over a very high long-term stability, including the detection of the flow direction. Pewatron even offers near-instantaneous, self-monitoring, measurement technology with low pressure loss that can also easily be used with polluted media or pressure surges in dynamically changing currents. For liquids, detection of leaks and idle connections is possible, and it is even feasible to develop special systems for a liquid temperature of up to +180°C without measurement issues caused by air bubbles in the medium!

All system solutions can be optimised up to maintenance-free flow measurement for industrial and medical measurement tasks. 

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