Contactless magnetic incremental encoder family EMI

High protection class for marine and textile industry

Pewatron announces ELTRA’s new EMI family of contactless incremental encoders. Using an external magnet, this encoder is perfectly suited for applications where a high level of dust or water protection is needed. The encoder is available in a small 22 mm housing (EMI22) as well as in a standard industrial 55 mm housing (EMI55).

Main characteristics:

  • High temperature range -40 °C up to +125 °C
  • IP68/IP67 protection rating
  • High operation speed up to 10’000 rpm
  • Up to 2048 CPR
  • Power supply: 5 VDC for EMI22, 5-28 VDC for EMI55

The encoder has an excellent mechanical sturdiness. His magnet was designed for very easy mounting onto the motor shaft.

Main applications include electric motors marine industry, iron and steel industry, textile machines, woodworking, paper-working, glass working, marble-working machinery and, more generally, automation and process control fields.

Absolute encoder variants are also available in the same housing with external magnet:

  • EMA family with RS422 SSI outputs up to 13 bits resolution
  • EMS family with 1 Vpp Sine/Cosine output 



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