COZIR LP: Ultralow power carbon dioxide sensor module for HVAC and IAQ applications

COZIR LP is an ultralow power (3 mW) and low profile, high performance CO2 sensor module, ideally suited for battery operation and portable instruments. Based on patented IR LED and detector technology and innovative optical designs, COZIR is the lowest power NDIR sensor available. The obvious use of the COZIR sensor module is for battery-operated or autonomous gas sensor devices, where power usage optimization is the key parameter. The build-in auto calibration routine ensures reliable output readings and minimization of drift.

The sensor modules are available as diffusion sampling sensors with 0…2000 ppm, 0…5000 ppm and 0…1% CO2 measurement ranges. The output from the sensor module is a Tx/Rx UART interface. The COZIR LP has a time to first signal reading in an impressively short 1.2 seconds after power on. There is no sensor warm-up as the sensor has no heated parts.

The COZIR LP is highly recommended for HVAC and IAQ applications. Combined with a VOC gas sensor module (for instance the MiCS-VZ-86/89 series or the ES1-AG series) the design of autonomous or battery operated IAQ gas transmitters is becoming attractive from the point of view of power management and reliable output. In addition the small footprint of the sensor (31mm x 19.5mm x 8mm) makes it ideal for integration into compact analyzers.

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