CP-16U contactless MR-element angle sensor with magnetoresistive element

Thanks to its built-in temperature compensation unit, this compact sensor enjoys low current consumption (0.6 mA max.) irrespective of temperature, making it compatible with 4-20mA 2-wire communication systems. Also features low torque, high durability, and improved output sensitivity.

  • Ultra low Torque: 0.1 mN・m
  • Low current consumption < 0.6mA
  • Effective electrical travel: 90° (120° optionally available as CP-16U-1)
  • Output sensitivity: 3.5~6.5% Vin/10°
  • Independent linearity: ±1.5% FS=90°
  • Input voltage: DC 3~5.5 V
  • Thrust load tolerance: 1 N
  • Radial load tolerance: 5 N

Typical applications are: tension control, paper thickness sensor, valve positioner.

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