Customised pressure sensors and transmitters:

tailor-made solutions pay off more often than thought

 Don’t adapt your product to a standard sensor – we adapt our pressure sensors to your product and coordinate it perfectly to your application. Be it a measuring cell with increased requirements for the mechanical interface or simply a defined cable length or special connector for a transmitter, individual solutions have many advantages: the measurement task is 100% fulfilled, your development effort is less, and you only pay for what you really need. 

Also not to be underestimated are the installation costs in production that often do not seem transparent in a cost calculation or are not assigned to the responsible party. A good example of a holistic cost analysis is the pressure sensor (illustrated) in a customised plastic housing with two different pressure ports. The customer uses two different sleeves with different diameters for the pressure connection: a simple but effective measure to prevent assembly errors.

For medical technology, for example, we supply a measuring cell with customised electronics and increased mechanical requirements with respect to geometry and surface quality because the customer seals above the welding ring in an unconventional manner. We support this special but innovative procedure with an individual, customer-specific measuring cell design that now enables the customer to implement its innovative approach in its own series product.

In medical technology in particular, it is important to provide customers with intensive advice and support at an early stage of development. This ensures that all important aspects are already incorporated into the design in the concept phase and that the final product can also be easily approved in accordance with the medical technology standard 60601-1.

With our many years of experience in pressure sensor technology, we will be happy to support you in new, unconventional approaches and help you and your product succeed on the market with our tailor-made solutions.

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