Data logger PEWALog - Robust multi talent with LCD screen.

The compact data logger PEWALog measures and stores up 4 different values at the same time.



For the time being there are three different models available.
The PEWALog-4A provides ports for 4 external 3- or 4-wire sensors with a signal of 4...20 mA, the PEWALog-5V for signals of 0...5 VDC, as well as the PEWALog-3V for sensors with an output signal of 0...3 VDC with a resolution of 12 bit to attach. As standard all data loggers are equipped with an internal absolute pressure sensor.

The users measuring requirements define the features of the versatile logger: besides the absolute pressure sensor, there is a choice of a temperature, humidity, and a light sensor (optional integrated in a housing or external with a cable), as well as a sensor for acceleration or movement control for all three coordination axes.

The 3-axes acceleration sensor with a fast–peak function allows measuring of up to 1600 value per second, and the axis allows the storing of the highest read value per second.

The analogue outputs are equipped with an alarm output, on / off switch (3 V only), and a port to start and stop the data reading.
The rates for measuring and storing can be adjusted individually between 1 second and 12 hours, and allows storing of more than 2 million measuring rates on the mini-logger.

If a constant supply of the 6 V input port is not being possible, the PEWALog is suitable. Due to its powerful Lithium-Polymer battery (2300 mAh) even long-term measuring is possible. The power consumption of the supply current of the attached sensor has to be taken into consideration though.

The recordings can be read via the supplied software and the USB cable on any laptop or PC. The supplied software consists of free set-up, reader, viewer, and online software (WINDOWS 09/ME2000/XP/Vista/7).


Individually configured LC-display
The PEWALog is operated with 2 buttons. The 4-line LC-display is easy to read due to its background lighting, and is equipped with 4 individually configured views. Per view up to 4 readings can be defined. For that all measuring channels, the battery status, and the configured limits and alarm rates are available. The display is also equipped with an energy conservation modus.


Outer features
The compact device in its sturdy IP60 casing made of anodized aluminium weights approx. 222 g. The dimensions are 78 x 62 x 38 mm. It will come with a top-hat rail snapper (TS35).

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