DMU10 Inertial Measurement Unit

Small module or OEM version

PEWATRON is pleased to present the new low cost inertial unit from Silicon Sensing. 

DMU10 provides three axes of angular rate and linear acceleration, and two measurements of temperature. Data is output on an industry standard RS422 interface for ease of integration. 

DMU10 is engineered using Silicon Sensing's unique MEMS VSG5 ring gyroscope and capacitive accelerometer technologies to provide benchmark performance, size and affordability. It contains three 5th generation piezoelectric (PZT) gyroscopes and six accelerometers. Outputs from dual 'back-to-back' accelerometers per axis are averaged to improve precision and reduce uncorrelated noise. 

It will be available as un-calibrated, calibrated at room temperature or calibrated over the full operating temperature range. DMU10 is also supplied either as an OEM or packaged unit. 

An evaluation kit is available, also in our online-shop. 

This product is intended for machine control, antenna and platform stabilization, precision agriculture, autonomous vehicles and ROVs, attitude measurement systems, personal navigation and GPS aiding.

Technical details:

  • 6-DOF dynamic measurement unit
  • RS422 digital output
  • 3 rate ±300°/s and 3x ±10g acceleration
  • 2 temperature outputs
  • Bias instability <10°/hr and 0.05mg
  • Random Walk <0.7°/?hr and 0.1m/s
  • Available as OEM PCB or Module
  • Small size: 45 x 26 x 16mm  Module
  • Can be powered from 3.2 to 5.25 Volts3
  • Expansion capability to add more sensors (e.g. magnetometer)
  • Each product available as either uncalibrated or thermally calibrated

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