16mm Micro Optical Kit Encoder E16

As addition to the very successful 22mm E4T kit encoder, US Digital launches the new E16 with only 16mm diameter and resolution up to 4096 cycles / revolution with Index, specially developed for small stepper motors

The E16 is the latest addition to US Digital’s range of kit encoders, designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Washington USA.

It is designed to provide A, B and Index digital quadrature signals for high volume, restricted space applications, particularly with small diameter stepper motors. The 16mm Micro Optical Kit Encoder comes in a variety of resolutions ranging from 250/256 to 4,000/4,096 CPR. The E16 utilizes an innovative, push-on encoder disk which accepts shaft diameters of 1.5mm and 2mm.

The E16 is designed to be a one-time installation micro optical encoder, the base provides mounting holes for two M1.6-0.35, length 3mm screws on a 10mm bolt circle. The encoder cover is easily snapped onto the base and is marked with the connector pin-out. The E16 encoder is connected using a 5-conductor, polarized, 0.8mm pitch connector, and is powered by a single +5V supply.

 E16 features: 

  • Housing diameter only 16mm
  • Push-on hub - spring loaded collet design
  • Fits shaft diameters of 1.5mm (0.059 inches) and 2mm (0.079 inches)
  • 250/256 to 4,000/4096 cycles per revolution (CPR)
  • 1,000/1024 to 16000/16384 pulses per revolution (PPR)
  • Single +5V supply

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