EC35 Modular Commutation Encoder with up to 10'000 CPR

For brushless DC motors

up to 8 poles, temperature 105 °C, A/B/Z differential outputs

PEWATRON introduces US Digital's latest in motion control solution: the EC35 commutation encoder. The modular EC35 commutation encoder will be a direct replacement for common size 35 brushless DC (BLDC) motor encoders presently on the market.

The optical encoder integrates channel-A, -B and -Z for positional feedback with channel-U, -V and -W to emulate the hall sensor feedback for rotor commutation.

The EC35 modular commutation encoder features include:

  • A/B/Z differential outputs
  • frequency response from DC to 1 MHz
  • 500-10'000 cycles per revolution (CPR)
  • 2'000-40'000 quadrature states per revolution
  • U/V/W commutation outputs (differential or open-collector, 0 to 8 poles)
  • fits shaft diameters from 0.197" (5 mm)- 0.394" (10 mm)
  • single 5V supply
  • -20 °C to 105 °C operating temperature
  • simple mounting with push-on disk and built in, removable spacer tool

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