Encoder for geared traction drive feedback

Captivates with it's reliability and resistance to shock and vibration.

The EH80PF hollow shaft accepts shaft sizes from 30 to 44 mm and custom bores are available. Keyed shaft, setscrew, and special clamping ring are offered as shaft mounting options. The encoder offers standard resolutions including 720, 1000, 1024, 1440 CPR that cover the majority of geared traction drive feedback requirements. Other resolutions are available upon request.

When designing the EH80PF for elevator duty, reliability was a key concern. Many electro-mechanical devices including encoders have been put through severe life testing to help determine reliability.
In addition, the encoder uses an unbreakable code disk-even at higher resolutions. Eliminating the glass disk from the design further improves the encoder's reliability and resistance to shock and vibration.

With the use of the ASIC, most of the electronics are integrated into the chip so fewer discrete components are used on the PCB. This reduces manufacturing costs, increases reliability, and decreases susceptibility to EMI. The encoder also offers short circuit and reverse polarity protection, standard when the 8/24VDC input is chosen.

Moreover, the compact design allows the EH80PF series to be easily mounted directly on the motor shaft saving space and requiring no mechanical adjustments.


  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Compact size
  • Up to 1440 cycles per revolution (CPR)
  • 2 channel TTL Outputs (single-ended or differential)
  • Optional index (zero) output
  • -20 bis +85°C operating temperature


  • Elevator
  • High reliability applications

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