ES1-AG + TB600: Digital, low power all-gas sensing module

Battery operated air quality measurement made easy

Battery operated air quality measurement appliances are in the pipeline by many manufacturers of residential and industrial goods for air flow control, but also for new players in the market that focus more on individual preferences for good air-quality in their environment. Examples could be Odor or TVOC management in public domains.

The ES1-AG + TB600 combination is a digital and very compact all-gas gas sensing module that requires very little power for operation and very little rush-in current when turned on and off. The module delivers a signal output every 1 second.

Air quality measurements are generally concerned with gas concentrations of unwanted gas components in the ppm range. The drift of the zero-gas (i.e. pure air with some humidity) concentration must therefore be very small and controllable. The ES1-AG sensor has a very stable zero-gas baseline and is a true all-gas sensor (VOCs + various technical gases) and in combination with the TB600 electronics gives out a very high signal resolution. The ES1-AG + TB600 combination is thus superior to any other air quality gas sensor in terms of detection of changes in the air quality coming from different sources (smoke, cooking, cleaning agents, general emission and so on). The possible discrimination of sources by using the ES1-AG +TB600 combination make even more intelligent ventilation & air flow control possible, because it can be specific and source driven.

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