ES1-O2 + TB600: Digital, high-resolution oxygen gas sensing module

New opportunities opening up in oxygen control applications

Oxygen controlled atmosphere (CA) applications in some cases rely on a long, stable operational lifetime of the oxygen sensing module and in some cases on a sufficiently high signal resolution in a wide range of oxygen concentrations. The ES1-O2 amperometric electrochemical sensor combines both – stable long lifetimes >> 3 years and high signal resolution < 10 ppm over the full range from 0 to 25 %Vol O2 are generally guaranteed.

The ES1-O2 + TB600 combination is a digital and very compact oxygen gas sensing module that deliver a 16-bit serial output low-noise signal. The module delivers a signal output every 1 second. Because of the high resolution and the excellent zero-signal stability, CA applications with requirements for stable oxygen measurements down to 100 ppm can be served using this combination. In many cases the ES1-O2 + TB600 can be mounted directly in the gas stream or in the processing chamber, because of the size and because of the low power consumption.

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