FCX-MCxx-CH Oxygen Modul

low-maintenance oxygen measurements

FCX-MCxx-CH for low-maintenance oxygen measurements
A durable long-lasting sensor that can be used without having to be constantly recalibrated

Measurement of oxygen in the air can be done by various physical processes. The modules presented here are zirconica solid electrolyte sensors working on the current-limiting principle. Unlike conventional solid electrolyte sensors, these sensors do not require any reference air. This decisive advantage offers a simple method of measuring the current oxygen content without the need for yearly maintenance. Other advantages are the low operating temperature of the zirconia of max. 400 °C, and the power consumption of just 3 W for the entire module. Measurement ranges of 0…25 and 95 % are available with a precision of 0.1 % O2, even under ambient pressures of -700 mbar to +4 bar.

The sensor may be mounted either directly on the PCB inside a flow casing, or alternatively via a cable of up to 5 m in length. In the case of this second variant, measurements may also be made with gas temperatures of up to 300 °C.

The electronics are flexible in use too: with a supply of 11,5…28 VDC models are available ranging from simple analog and (of course) linear voltage or current output signals, through to RS232, RS485, and naturally also I2C-bus.

Typical uses are wherever a long operating life of the sensor without constant recalibration is needed. This includes such areas as medical and biological systems, food processing systems, refrigeration technology, CO2-incubators, and personal safety.

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