FCX-OMP: Customized oxygen monitor solutions for measurement ranges from ppm up to 95%

Customization of an oxygen monitoring device can be done by using the general Pewatron gas sensor toolbox allowing our customers to design the best suitable oxygen monitor FCX-OMP for any given application. The oxygen sensors themselves can be chosen from 4 different basic types (FCX-ULL, FCX-UL, FCX-UC and FCX-UWC) covering a range of oxygen concentrations from 0…1000 ppm to 1000 ppm…95%. The basic oxygen sensors are accurate, fast responding and extremely rugged. They are acknowledged by many in the industry working with controlled atmosphere applications as the best solution when it comes to long operational lifetime and low cost of maintenance.

The FCX-OMP oxygen monitor has the 4-20 mA FCX-MC sensor module integrated into an aluminum casing. A display with operation buttons enables not only operation and calibration of the oxygen sensor itself by using the display foil buttons, but offers also constant display read-out of the oxygen concentration in the process. In the standard version of the FCX-OMP oxygen monitor the oxygen sensor is integrated in the casing for extractive gas analysis. The FCX-OMP thus has built-in pump, filters and flow hosing’s together with two external pneumatic gas connections for gas in- and outlet. The electrical connection to the FCX-OMP oxygen monitor is a 4 pole, M12 & A-rated connector for the power supply and for the 4-20 mA analog output signal.

The range of customization is large and so many things can be done to further customize the FCX-OMP oxygen monitor. Pewatron is constantly working on the optimization of the sensor itself in order to be able to introduce it into very demanding applications. We have a special focus on requirements such as long term stability of the sensor, accuracy, response time and applications such as the use of the sensor as a humidity sensor. We can cover almost any application, where controlled atmosphere is required.

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