Fujikura AH3-Series pressure sensors

High-performance horizontal port sensor for small electronics

Fujikura has developed new models of analog semiconductor pressure sensors (temperature-compensated), the AH3 series. Compared to existing sensor models with vertically aligned pressure introducing ports, the new products have a unique outlook with horizontal incorporated introducing ports. This structure helps customers to package smaller electronics or to mount parts to a substrate at a thinner seated height because the pressure-introducing connecting tube can be horizontally led out of the device. In addition, this device is of the lead insertion type, which enables firm mounting to a substrate, and uses technology for stabilized operation to minimize fluctuations of sensor output against various external forces. Furthermore, this pressure sensor achieved high accuracy, low power consumption by combining pressure chip and digital signal processing technologies and utilizing our own MEMS, packaging, and IC assembling technologies. These products will find wide application in medical products, industrial machines and consumer goods since the products are designed to reduce noise in output and have a pressure switch function that has a threshold set at an input voltage. 

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