GM1000 High performance gyrometer

For FOG replacement

PEWATRON anounces the GM1000 family of high performance angular rate sensors from Colibrys. The sensors are based on a unit of four stainless steel vibrating masses and associated electronics. This relatively high mass of 15 g, compared with a silicon mass for MEMS, ensures ultra-low noise, high bias stability, robustness and insensibility to vibration and shocks. Each unit is factory calibrated and compensated for temperature effects to provide high accuracy differential analogue output voltages, as well as high-level RS422 or RS-232 digital outputs. 

GM1000 is provided in a robust housing, powered with 5 to 18 VDc. The multi-axis variant GM1000Px is proposed in a bigger housing with up to 3 axes, and powered by 18 to 32 VDC.

Technical details:

  • hermetic rugged package
  • Ranges from ±60 to ±250 °/sec
  • Bias stability < 0.2 °/h
  • Noise < 0.01 °/sec rms
  • Angular Random Walk 0.005 °/?h
  • Bandwidth > 100 Hz
  • Proved MTBF 1’000’000 hours
  • Outputs: Analog differential and RS422 / RS232

This versatile gyrometer is a low cost alternative to FOG systems. It is perfectly suited for many applications like aircraft flight control, naval and land remote weapon systems, tactical training simulators, antenna or sonar stabilization, ship anti-roll systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, tilting train and robotics. 

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