High-performance inertial measuring unit DMU30

MEMS-based alternative to FOG grade IMUs

The DMU30 is a groundbreaking and ITAR-free high-precision MEMS IMU that represents an alternative to more expensive fiber-optic IMUs. 

The DMU30 is based on  precision VSG3QMAX high-Q inductive ring gyroscopes and capacitive accelerometers. As a result, it offers excellent properties in terms of bias instability and random walk. 

It is a six-degree-of-freedom inertial measurement unit providing precise 3-axis outputs of angular rate and acceleration, delta angle and velocity, and temperature.

The DMU30 is an IP67 waterproof aluminum alloy unit.

This product can be used for hydrographic monitoring, airborne mapping, inertial navigation systems, AHRS, autonomous vehicle control, true north finding and generally as an alternative to fiber gyro / laser gyro IMUs.

Technical details:

  • Precision 6-DOF dynamic measurement unit
  • Non-ITAR
  • Bias instability 0.1°/hr and 15 µg
  • Random Walk 0.02°/√hr and 0.05m/s/√hr
  • RS422 digital output
  • 3x rate ±490°/s and 3x ±10g acceleration
  • temperature outputs
  • Sealed housing to IP67
  • Small size: 68 x 61 x 62mm  Module, only 300g
  • Can be powered from 4.75 to 36VDC
  • Expansion capability to add more sensors (e.g. magnetometer, barometer)

Product details

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