High-quality DC/DC converter and EMC filter for railway technology

Pewatron is complementing its product range with high-quality DC/DC converters and EMC filters from Mornsun. The latest series from the Asian manufacturer were developed specifically for the rail sector and meet the high demands of mobile and stationary systems. Not only are they ideal for use in on-board systems, such as air conditioning, door opening systems or lighting, these versatile units are also the right choice for routing systems or for communication between track and on-board equipment.

With the latest product series from Mornsun, Pewatron is offering its customers attractive solutions from a single source: the URB1D05LMD-15WR3, A0515S-2WR2 and TD501MCAN series, for example, are designed for on-board air conditioning systems. The units from the URB1D05LMD-15WR3 series are used in the supply of monitoring circuits, while those from the A0515S-2WR2 series are used in the supply of signal processing circuits. The TD501MCAN series consists of a CAN isolation transceiver with integrated power isolation and common mode interference filter. The DC/DC converters of the URB4848(36)LD-40WR3 series, in contrast, correspond to the demands of different LED lighting in railway carriages, such as those used in ceilings, steps, lavatories or vestibules.

The latest DC/DC converter series from Mornsun are characterised by an input voltage range of 40 to 160 VDC and supply a full output power across the entire operating temperature range of –40 to +100°C. They also offer protection against undervoltage and overvoltage, as well as overcurrent and short circuit. The electric strength between input and output is 2250 VDC and 3000 VDC, allowing the latest DC/DC converters to meet the EN50155 standard for electronic railway equipment as well as the EN60950 standard for IT appliances.


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