Incremental Sin/Cos Encoder ES53

With additional 360° Sin/Cos for initial position detection

PEWATRON announces ELTRA’s new ES53 sinusoidal encoder. It detects position information by providing a pair of quadrature sine and cosine signals as the shaft is rotated. The optically generated signals produce 2,048 cycles per mechanical revolution. For noise immunity the signals are transmitted differentially from the encoder to the sensor interface electronic. After Power-up, the initial position of the rotor can be derived from a 360° additional sine/cosine. Thanks to the 1 Vpp sine/cosine interface, the ES53 is compatible with drive converters available in the market as required for the fine positioning of drives and servo-drive systems in industrial applications providing a high accuracy, improved drive running characteristic.


  • Simple mounting
  • 2,048 Sin/Cos cycles per revolution (CPR)
  • Additional Sin/Cos for initial position
  • Differential output
  • Straight blind hollow or taper solid shaft
  • Index channel available
  • -20 to +110°C operating temperature
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