INIR makes flammable gas and carbon dioxide sensing easy

For accurate readings in harsh environments.





Pewatron announces the INIR (integrated infrared) gas sensor series of SGX Sensortech. The new innovative infrared sensor makes flammable gas and carbon dioxide sensing easy. It is designed to operate in the harshest of environments and produces accurate, fast readings with the minimum of circuity design.

The new INIR integrated infra-red sensor incorporates a high performance optical cavity coupled with leading edge electronics.  All necessary driver circuitry and firmware is included to produce a linearized, temperature compensated digital output.

The sensor works in fixed and portable instruments, responds quickly to changes in the target gas providing an accurate and repeatable signal.  It is provided in an explosion proof housing for easy incorporation into critical-to-safety applications with a robust shock and vibration proof construction.

Many applications where infrared sensors are typically used can be very challenging in terms of the water present.  Whether the water arises from dust suppression systems in mines, or because of steam generated during steel production, the vapor can cause many problems for optical sensors, and result in unwanted false alarms. The INIR includes proprietary hardware and firmware which senses when humidity is present and reduces any response from the sensor.  It is therefore ideally suited for environments where the atmosphere may change rapidly between wet and dry.

Inside the INIR, a powerful and reliable microcontroller driven by an ARM7TDMI core and 24 bit ADC performs all required operations on the raw sensor output and provides a 14-bit digital output.  An analog output option is also provided for instruments with built in ADC.  The device can be calibrated and fully configured via a UART interface.

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