Intelligent IPPS pressure sensor

Optimised for mass consumer applications

The IPPS-015-1000hPa pressure sensor is a MEMS piezo-resistive pressure sensor chip and a signal-conditioning ASIC integrated into a compact and thin package, making it the optimal solution for consumer applications with a high degree of electronics integration and multi-functionality. With package dimensions of 4.5 x 4.0 x 1.0 mm, pin separation of 1.27 mm and a minimum supply of only 2.0V, together with a low standby current of < 0.1 µA, the IPPS-015-1000hPa sensor is particularly suitable for mobile applications.

The signal-conditioning ASIC is a 16-bit AD converter with an embedded 512-bit OTP (one-time programmable) memory. The sensors are individually calibrated in a wide temperature and pressure range. These values are stored in the OTP memory and can be easily accessed from an external microprocessor for easy implementation of the pressure sensor into the chosen application.

I2C or SPI digital communication interfaces between the microprocessor and the signal-conditioning ASIC ensure noise immunity and higher accuracy, as the read-out value is not dependent on the master ADC resolution. The measured pressure and temperature inputs to the microprocessor are true 16-bit digital values.

The IPPS-015-1000hPa pressure sensor measures absolute pressures in the range of 300Pa to 1100 hPa in a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and in a non-condensing humidity environment of up to 95% RH. The sensor complies with all RoHS and Reach directives.<media 5004 _blank - "TEXT, 103-12-306-001-DH-0411, 103-12-306-001-DH-0411.pdf, 352 KB">

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