KIFEHY-11L-0.4 to 400 mA

New high-precision earth leakage current sensor

In this age of complex power supply systems, intelligent networks, sensitive devices and a demand for low losses and precise billing, it is ab-solutely essential that even small residual currents are accurately de-tected and measured. Pewatron offers the ideal technologies for this.

The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 wants end customers to not only purchase electrical power, but also to be able to store electricity from their own generators in the grid. This will make the accurate measurement of currents event more important. Smart power supplies rely on accurate measurement values; any losses caused by leakage currents must be immediately detected in order to eliminate the source of the leakage. 

Similar considerations apply in all other areas of application that require the reliable measurement, detection and monitoring of currents. Whether it's for energy metering and management (network monitor-ing, photovoltaics, wind power, hydropower, fuel cells), drive technolo-gy (servomotors and DC motors), railway technology (on-board sys-tems, track monitoring), electric mobility (charging levels, battery management systems), heating, ventilation and air conditioning sys-tems, or industry: the new high-precision leakage current sensor KIFE-HY-11L-04 is the perfect addition to the high-quality Pewatron trans-former range. It is used to measure and detect direct and alternating currents, mixed and pulsed signals – in photovoltaics, in battery and rechargeable battery storage systems, and in all applications that re-quire small currents to be measured and monitored.

DC/AC leakage current sensor with maximum precision:

  • Measurement range 0~400 mA
  • Accuracy ±1% (full scale)
  • Bipolar supply ±15 V
  • Output signal ±5 V at nominal input current (IPN)
  • Insulated housing according to UL94V-0, opening 11 mm
  • Frequency range DC-18 kHz

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