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Best cost-of-ownership among any oxygen sensing technologies

Pewatron has developed a very versatile and functional family of OEM and customer specific products based on an amperometric zirconia FCX-U oxygen sensor. The FCX-U oxygen sensor comes with measurement ranges from 0…1000 ppm O2, 0…5 %Vol O2, 0…25 %Vol O2 and to 0…95 %Vol O2. Especially the first three types are very interesting for additive manufacturing applications, because all ranges of interest for safety monitoring and process monitoring are covered within these measurement ranges.

A very low drift and a long operational lifetime generally characterize the FCX-U sensors. The drift is less than 0.2 %FS/year and the lifetime of the 0…25 %Vol O2 FCX-UC sensors normally exceed 1.000.000 %Vol O2 hours. The resolution of the FCX-U sensors are in general very good, meaning for example that a resolution below 10 ppm can be achieved by using the 0…1000 ppm FCX-ULL sensor and dependent on the actual application.

Pewatron has developed the electronics for controlling the sensors, so that the sensor element has a very accurate temperature (450°C) and so that the signal amplification and conversion does not contribute with electronic noise and does not limit the resolution of the sensors. In addition, the electronics can have built-in monitoring functions for the sensor, the electronics and the software. The sensor head configuration can be designed to meet any requirement for mounting of the sensors in process chambers, exhausts and feeders. The cable between the sensor head and the electronic board can be as long as 6 meters, but for the transmitter (see photo below), where the electronics are integrated into a stainless steel transmitter housing, the cable length is not limited.

All Pewatron FCX-MC modules & FCX-TR transmitters are designed for ease of installation, ease of operation and ease for servicing, including calibration. Most of the FCX-MC modules can be calibrated in two points, but because of the nature of the amperometric sensor, a very simple one-point calibration is normally sufficient to achieve the required accuracy in the application. This means that for FCX-U sensors capable of operating in air, there is no need for service with special gases. The FCX-MC and FCX-TR sensor modules and transmitters can be calibrated in air using a one-point calibration.

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0...5% zirconia oxygen sensor with tight, external flowhousing

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