Low cost absolute multi-turn rotary encoder EPM50

With SSI or parallel interface for general use

PEWATRON introduces the EPM50 low cost multiturn encoder which is a robust IP64 encoder in a 50 mm housing for general use, featuring 13-bit multiturn and 10-bit singleturn accuracy. For zero adjustment, the encoder has 2 separate reset inputs for singleturn and for multiturn data. Direction can be set as CW or CCW as well. In case of power loss, the encoder is able to retrieve the multiturn count if the shaft was not turned more than +/-90°, by comparing the singleturn position prior and after the power loss. The oil-proofed encoder supports high shaft load of 100 N (radial) and 25 N (axial) as well as 50 G shocks. The encoder is available either with SSI or with parallel output. His very low starting torque makes him ideally suited for wind turbine rotation and position control.



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