Low pressure sensor SLP35

Low pressure sensor SLP35


The low pressure SLP35 sensor can be configured in a number of ways according to customer specification. The basic sensor is a small SMD 6-pin dual-port sensor with a 14 x 10 mm total footprint. The sensor output can be digital, analog amplified or analog unamplified. The minimum pressure is 1 kPa differential or gage. The maximum differential pressure is limited to 50 kPa.

The SLP35 sensor have little sensitivity to humidity and direction, and have an excellent zero stability. This makes the popular sensors an optimum choice for applications such as HVAC, process control and medical devices where high quality and attractive pricing are important. 

All models are available with voltages between 2.7 and 5.5 VDC. Accuracy is < 1.8% in a temperature span of 50°C, and the standard sensors can be operated up to 85°C.

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