Measures in relation to the current situation concerning COVID-19

Dear Valued Customer,

Based on the recent developments concerning the Covid-19 we would like to provide you with an update and show you how we ensure the supply reliability of our customers. We as Pewatron AG and Pewatron Deutschland GmbH are 100% daughter companies of the Angst+Pfister AG Zürich.

How Angst+Pfister is taking care

The Angst+Pfister Group has a dedicated team in place who is continuously monitoring all developments in the supply chain and who is in close contact with our production sites, suppliers and partners.

We have already proactively set up several scenarios so to ensure continuity of our business processes and our supply chain, including back-up plans and second source options. Below we would like to give you some insights into our planning procedures.

Developments Angst+Pfister is expecting for now

We have been monitoring the situation since several weeks and have implemented different measures to ensure the continuity of our business processes.

  • Material shortage in certain compounds may become an issue. We decided to ramp up our production in Europe, order contracted goods and increase our safety stock.
  • Despite our stock increases, in some cases delivery shortages may occur and based on this, certain articles may not be available. Besides, some deliveries may be late due to external circumstances we have no influence on (transport, border crossings).
  • Due to material shortages, some price increases for certain materials and products may possibly be expected.
  • Longer replenishment times due to reduced production capabilities can become a challenge, also longer delivery times and additional time for customs clearance must be anticipated. 

How our customers can play an important role as well

 Of course, we are trying everything to adapt our measures to the different possible scenarios to avoid any inconvenience for you. In this process, you can also play a very important role as well by please paying attention to the following:

  • We kindly ask you in general, to please place all your orders with fixed delivery dates already now so we can plan our supply chain processes in time and serve you at best within the defined price and delivery conditions. This applies for all articles, not only for strategically important or critical articles.
  • All placed purchasing orders with fixed delivery dates will always be handled in our productions with highest priority and by this the corresponding availabilities can be ensured.

Developments Angst+Pfister is expecting for the future

 In the face of the current developments we cannot exclude further restrictions like for example the closing of borders or logistical shortages. Possible inconveniences and appropriate counteractions might be:

  • Since in the future we may be confronted with longer replenishment times due to material shortages and limited production capabilities, we would like to plan all future processes together with you already now.
  • Due to shortages of resources prices of some articles may increase. Prices for placed purchasing orders can be ensured, whereas for contracted prices there might be a need to adapt them according to the new situation.
  • Some of our customers may have to move their production to a different location or may need support to source additional components. In this case please just contact us and we will find together a suitable solution for you.

Our sales and engineering people are ready to support you day and night!

For further information and requests, please contact your personal contact person at Pewatron AG or Pewatron Deutschland GmbH:

We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

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