Multi-channel voltage monitoring of fuel cells and battery stacks

The Smart Electronics CVMpro family provides a large complement of electrically isolated voltage measurement channels designed especially for testing fuel cells and battery stacks.
CVMpro family modules sequentially read the values from up to 90 measurement channels. A CAN bus handles the device configuration as well as the transfer of measurement data to a host computer. Higher channel counts can be configured by cascading several devices of the same series using a separate CAN bus. The CVMpro devices are ideally suited for monitoring fuel cell stacks, electrolyzes, battery stacks and high-performance capacitors. The units are deployed in mobile systems such as electro-vehicles, in submarines and in test bench instrumentation.  For military/aerospace applications a special version is available that meet the military standards MIL-STD 461C 1986-08-04, Part 6, CE01, CE03, RE02 and MIL-STD 462 D, 1993-01-11
For software development a Function library for C/C++ and LabVIEW for Windows is available. To aid the configuration and visualization of measurement results the visualisation soft CVMView!pro-V2 is also available off the shelf.
Numerous optional hardware accessories such as USB/CAN bus interface module, various CAN bus connection cables and CAN bus termination units ensure that the CVMpro can be integrated very quickly into any test environment.

Features include:

  • Measurement module for multiple-cell voltage measurement
  • Modules are cascadable
  • Single cell measurements in the ±1.2 V range
  • Double cell measurements in the ±2,4 V range
  • Easily integrated in existing measurement instrumentation
  • Capable of PC-less, i.e., standalone operation
  • Open-circuit detection
  • Wide range of module operating power
  • Compact aluminum housing w/ IP54 / NEMA 3 enclosure rating
  • Simultaneous availability of both condensed and individual measurement values for monitoring and analysis
  • Windows compatible GUI, software drivers, and programming interfaces
  • Temperature range, operation / storage -25 C to +80 C

The CVMpro family is a high performance and high quality dedicated data acquisitions system with a very low cost per channel that is hard to beat. 

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