New Inclinometer DOG2 with fast response time & integrated filters

With IP67 for automotive, off-road and harsh industrial environments

PEWATRON announces the new DOG Series Dual- and Single-Axis Inclinometer from MEAS Germany. DOG2 is a dynamic, low cost, high performing dual axis inclinometer. It is perfectly suited for levelling and tilt monitoring applications with highest demands on accurate measurement in harsh environments (e.g. temperature, shock, humidity). Based on a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, the DOG2 Series are available in standard measurement ranges of ±25°, ±45° and ±90°. DOG1 is the single axis version with a 180° linear measurement range, and exceptionally low cross-axis sensitivity. All versions operate on a low current (10 mA) +8.0 to +30 VDC input voltage, and deliver a +0.5 to +4.5 VDC output over the operating range.  

The rugged packaging of the DOG Series makes it ideal for automotive, off-road and harsh industrial environments. Rated at IP-67, the high strength/abrasion resistant PA66 plastic housing is compatible with oils, fuel and lubricants, and provides excellent thermal stability. Compression limiting bushings prevent mechanical damage during installation, while the integral 0.45 m cable terminates to an AMP Superseal 1.5 Series connector for reliable electrical connection. The sensor element itself has a shock survival up to 10,000 g.

To achieve best possible performance, the DOG Series utilizes advanced digital signal processing techniques. Each inclinometer is individually calibrated and temperature compensated. At 25 °C, errors are less than 0.15° over the full angular measurement range. Over the full operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C, absolute accuracy is typically less than 0.5°. 

An additional feature is the ability to adjust the digital filtering algorithm to optimize performance in high vibration environments. This feature, combined with the internal 12 bit A/D conversion and oversampling routine make accurate, high resolution measurements possible at frequencies as high as 100 Hz. 

Alternatively, models DOGx-USB are provided with an USB Interface and software for easy connection to a PC.  Experienced users can change the filter parameters, in order to optimize the sensor in noisy custom applications, e.g. strong vibrations. These filter parameters can then be ported to the definitive customized device with analog interface.

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