New sensor technology – based on LDS (Laser Direct Structuring)

PLDS series: a customised solution, even for small batch sizes

The latest development for PEWATRON’s customer-specific PLDS pressure sensors is based on advanced Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology. LDS has already been used to create innovative new solutions in various areas of the automotive sector and is now revolutionising the sensor industry too. A laser beam is focused on the surface of an injection-moulded part, which causes a reaction that produces a thin, metallic coating. Layers of copper, nickel and gold can then be applied to these metallic particles in the following process. 

This dynamic new procedure limits the one-time costs for customer-specific sensors, making a customised solution an affordable option even for small batch sizes. With a broad array of ASICs and sensor chips, the perfect solution can be found for every measurement task. This provides exceptional value for money, as the customer only pays for what they need.

Depending on customer requirements, further options are also possible with the new LDS technology. If space is limited or there are special design requirements, sensors and other electronics/conductor boards can be applied directly to the casing or injection-moulded part. LDS technology opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the integration of electronic components without using traditional conductor boards.  

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