Optical EM2 encoder module with up to 10‘000 pulses per revolution

Popular transmissive optical technology

The EM2 from US Digital is an optical encoder module designed to offer 2x to 4x higher resolution than the popular EM1 encoder module.

Combined with an 2“ disk it allows to reach a high resolution of 10‘000 pulses per revolution, and combined with the smaller 1“ disk 5’000 pulses per revolution.

This allows our popular kit encoder families E2, E5 and E6 to reach the same high resolutions of 5‘000 and respectively 10‘000 CPR.

Combined with a linear strip, linear resolutions up to 2,000 lines per inch (LPI) or 8,000 positions per inch (0.003 mm resolution) after 4x quadrature edge detection are available.

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