Oxygen transmitter and OEM module:

developed for oxygen and nitrogen generators in harsh industrial environments

Measurement of oxygen concentration in the range from ~ 100 ppmO2 and up to 95 Vol% O2 is best done with amperometric, zirconia-based oxygen sensors from Fujikura. The sensors are accurate and have a long operational lifetime. More importantly, the low surface temperature of the amperometric sensor element makes the sensor ideal for measurements in closed chambers or containers. Potentiometric sensors cannot normally be used In closed chambers due to the high temperature of the sensing element. The high temperature necessitates extra cooling or other expensive thermal strategies. Fujikura’s amperometric sensors are ideally suited for measurements in closed chambers or containers. They are easy to mount and work in a broad range of temperatures and pressures (from vacuum and above 10 bar).

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Product details FCX-ML

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