PEM pressure transmitter: the optimum choice for industrial applications

PEWATRON has released the PEM series of pressure transmitters. The pressure transducer design and the mechanical integration into the stainless steel housing make the PEM series the optimum choice for industrial applications, hydraulics and pneumatics. The PEM pressure transmitters can work up to 1000 bars of pressure, and in special designs up to 4000 bar. For applications where explosion protection is needed, PEWATRON offers solutions for direct usage in Zone 0 and 1 environments and according to the requirements of Directive 94/9/EC.

The pressure transducer of the PEM series, and for normal pressure ranges up to 1000 bar, has a stainless steel membrane with semiconductor thin-film layers directly deposited on the steel membrane. The accuracy at room temperature is better than 0,5 % (optional < 0,25 %) and the linearity (BFSL) is better than 0,125 %. The overload and burst pressure capabilities are dependent on the measuring range, but in most cases 2 and 4 times greater than the maximum rated pressure. The transmitter has excellent capabilities with respect to media compatibility, and can be configured for other very demanding applications by choice of material.

For output signal monitoring full flexibility is guaranteed with respect to pressure connectors and electrical/mechanical connectors. All standards are covered for the various applications. Concerning electrical output signal format, the choice is also large; 4-20 mA (2-wire, 3-wire), 0…10 VDC, 0…5 VDC, 1…5 VDC and 0,5…4,5 VDC ratiometric output can be delivered as standard, and other types (like digital) on request. The pressure transmitter comes standard with protection class IP67, but special versions up to IP69K are available on request.

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