Pewatron is official partner from RoboteQ

Roboteq is a leading manufacturer of advanced components for Mobile Robots applications. The company’s extensive product line includes the industry’s largest range dual channel controllers for Brushless, AC Induction, and Brushed DC motors. These high-performance controllers are loaded with numerous features, operating modes, built-in scripting language, and connectivity interfaces. Several models are available, from 30 to 120VDC and 20 to 450A. They are therefore ideally suited for battery operated systems. The Roboteq controllers are fitted with many safety features ensuring a secure power-on start, automatic stop in case of command loss, Safe Torque Off (STO), overcurrent protection, and overheat protection. 

Roboteq also offers a range of sensors for Automatic Guidance. For example, the company’s MGS1600 is the industry’s most accurate and easy-to-use sensor for following magnetic tapes affixed to the floor. When used together with a Roboteq dual channel motor controller, a fully autonomous Automatic Guided Vehicle can be built with just two components.

Since all Mobile Robot are battery operated and need recharging, Roboteq has recently expanded into Power Management, with a range of Lithium Battery Management Systems, and the company’s Patented Robopads magnetically activated charge contacts.

Roboteq’s full solution of Motor Controllers, Navigation Sensors, Battery Management Systems, and Charge Contacts, is backed by outstanding Technical Support. Roboteq products are now at the heart of over 10000 original robot designs around the world.

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