Pewatron now also offers automotive-qualified vibration sensors

Pewatron offers PKGS vibration and shock sensors from leading manufacturer Murata. These highly reliable and shock-resistant (in contrast to many rivalling measuring principles) piezo sensors based on the bimorph principle are already being successfully used in high volumes in hard drives and tire pressure systems. And, of course, they meet the requirements of the automotive standard AECQ-200. The sensors are extremely small (a few mm³), yet they remain highly sensitive while using low amounts of power, and feature great long-term stability and linearity. They have two connectors, can be reflow soldered, and can capture up to 16 kHz at high bandwidth frequencies. 

 The analogue output signal is proportional to the shock level and only requires simple and very cost-effective evaluation electronics. When optimally positioned, the sensors have a wide range of consumer, security and industry application options, such as detecting shocks, incorrect loads, imbalances and wear, as well as for data loggers to secure warranty claims. In addition, they reduce system downtimes and increase machine efficiency while simultaneously reducing maintenance requirements – and all this at the low cost of just a few euros.

Models and evaluation kits can be ordered from Pewatron.

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