Pewatron offers a unique service for ultrasound OEM flowmeters

Pewatron provides its customers with the opportunity to have a cost-effective, customised solution for their liquid-based flow measurement tasks in order to achieve a system-optimised use of coolants, process water, etc. This service offers the chance to be cost-effective and save resources at the same time.

In cooperation with the specialist ultrasound supplier SonoQ GmbH, Pewatron offers customer-specific qualification, development and production of customised components. These include the ultrasound transducers, the flow measurement sections and the electronics. To keep the system costs as low as possible, SonoQ also factors in the purchase of cheaper sub-components from the Far East, such as from China, for example. SonoQ qualifies the components for use in the system and monitors the quality standard throughout the entire production period. 

The electronics are optimised for the specific customer, during which the technical and commercial requirements of the system remain paramount. For more complex system requirements, the preferred TDC chips will be those from Pewatron’s supplier ams, with their special time-of-flight technology. These provide a cost-effective solution with a high dynamic range of 1:175 and an accuracy of +/- 1% over high long-term stability, including detection of idle connection, air bubbles and flow direction. This almost instantaneous, self-monitoring measurement technology with low pressure loss can also easily be used with polluted media or pressure surges in dynamically changing currents. Even leakage detection is possible and special systems for media temperatures of up to 180°C are feasible!

Ultimately, these flow meters are particularly suitable for maintenance-free flow measurements of coolants, such as in grinding and CNC machines, laser systems, cooling systems or irrigation systems.

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