Pewatron PSPA372 gauge pressure sensor

For accurate pressure measurements in industrial applications with air, gas or wet media




The new PSPA372 MEMS gauge pressure sensors from Pewatron works with air and non-aggressive gas and wet media and for high pressures up to 40 bar. The analog, amplified output is accurate and reliable over a large temperature range. The over pressure and burst pressure is comparable to values normally found only for metal membrane based pressure sensors. All of the above excellent properties of the PSPA372 make it useable in high-end industrial applications with high quality requirements.

The PSPA footprint and pin configuration (optional with cables) make a flexible platform for integration into housings and onto PCB’s. The standard pressure port is in aluminium with an outer diameter of 3mm, but there are a other configurations like stainless steel, titanium or plastic. The dimension of the pressure port can be varied; for instance making O-ring mounting possible.

The PSPA372 pressure sensor is a two-chip system consisting of a MEMS sensor chip and an ASIC signal-conditioning chip. Digital signal conditioning and trimming are used to achieve a very high performance level when it comes to accuracy, long-term stability and batch uniformity. Standard output is 0.5 to 4.5 VDC and the total accuracy is better than 1.0 %FS in a wide compensated temperature range from 0 to 85 °C. In an even wider temperature range from -40 °C to 125 °C the total error is better than 2.5 %FS.

Pressure sensing using MEMS sensor chips was the first big commercial success of the MEMS technology on Silicon wafers. Along the 30 year history for this type of products, the sensing chip has been developed to be able to measure anything from very low pressure to pressures higher than 10 bars. And, this with a very high precision, long-term stability and stability towards media. The standard measurement ranges of the PSPA372 pressure sensor is configurable between 0…100 mbar and 0…40 bar; non-standard ranges are possible on request.

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