Versatile high quality split type AC current sensors



The SWL series of AC current sensors are ideally suitable for current measurement and power monitoring of terminal feeder or for local ‘smart’ power metering . The high quality split type AC current sensor can be easily added to almost any existing installation without any difficulty. The sensor has M3 output terminals with an integrated wire stopper to ensure safe and quick installation in the field and also eliminating the need for any special connectors.

The SWL series all have open circuit protection as well as being manufactured in a non-flammable material which is compliant with the UL-94V-O standard.

The sensors are available in the standard measurement ranges of 5A, 50A, 100A, 200A, 400A and 600A. The SWL series uses an external load resistor and depending on the model can be dimensioned according to the circuit designers needs.

The overall compact dimensions, a wide bandwidth of 10Hz-10KHz and an accuracy of +/-1% make the SWL Series a hard to beat solution for today’s demands in power metering.

For high performance DC or mixed AC/DC current measurement the SWL-DC range of products is available with the same housing and performance.

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